How-To: Stain a Table

Happy Tuesday y’all!

I recently decided that I needed to get a hobby.  Tyler lives 1,061 miles from me and living in small town can get a little boring. Enter my friend Kathryn and an antique side table. Kathryn convinced me that I should start flipping furniture with her and when I found this little antique beauty at a garage sale for $8, I decided to give it a go. For this being my first project on my own, I’m actually very surprised (and happy!) with how it turned out. So much so, that I thought I should share my DIY instructions on how to strip, sand and stain so you all can do it too.

First, here is my before photo… YIKES. It was in rough shape! Scratches on the top, chunks out of the stain and finish. Nothing a little love can’t fix though.

IMG_0776Here is everything you will need for this project! (Except the gloves! Please don’t forget to wear chemical resistant gloves!)


I started out by stripping the stain by using CitriStrip. Make sure you put on some chemical resistant gloves before you begin! Paint that orange goo on nice and thick and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. I highly recommend putting some thick plastic underneath the piece you’re working on because this stuff is no joke and will ruin your floors, shoes, clothes, etc. Once you’ve let the goo do its work, it’s time to bust out a putty knife and some steel wool. Start with the putty knife and just start scraping the CitriStrip off of your furniture, it should come right off and will take the old stain off with it. I like to use the steel wool for more decorative edges that the putty knife can’t get.


Woo! Glad that’s over. I swear stripping furniture is the worst part!

Now, take your paint thinner/mineral spirits and wipe down your entire piece.  This will help you to get all the leftover CitriStrip and stain off.IMG_9431

After all of that, it’s time for the fun stuff… POWER TOOLS. If you don’t have a hand sander, I highly suggest you get one because this made things go so much faster! I used very fine sandpaper on my hand sander and it worked out perfectly. You will have to do some manual sanding on the legs or any smaller edges.

Again, wipe down with paint thinner/mineral spirits to remove any dust or CitriStrip you may have missed.

My table had tiny little metal feet that were completely tarnished.  I spent all of this time fixing up the wood that I could not just leave them the way they were.  I was never able to get them completely back to the gold, but Wright’s Copper Cream was a Godsend.  I just wiped it on the legs with the sponge, let it sit for a few minutes, then wiped them off with a damp cloth!

After that has dried, it’s time to start staining. I decided on this Classic Grey Minwax stain. I used a rag to wipe the stain onto the table.  If you’re staining a bigger piece, I recommend working in sections. I let the stain sit for about 15 mins (if you don’t want your piece as dark, you can wipe it off sooner!) For some reason, this wood did NOT want to stain.  I ended up putting a second coat on and just letting it dry without wiping it off.  If your furniture takes the stain well, I don’t recommend this! However, I didn’t have a choice and then I had to wait a week for it to dry completely.IMG_9438

I promise we are almost done! To ensure that your furniture is durable and sealed, you’ll want to use a really good top coat. I was torn between using the Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish in matte or in the satin.  I think either would be fine but I ended up going with the matte.  I didn’t include this in the picture above but here is the product I ended up using! download

Let the Polycrylic dry for about a week before really using your piece and then ENJOY it!


Let me see your favorite furniture re-vamp projects!!




Pathways: Interior Design Before and After

So, as most of you know, I have been working on quite a project for work and I am SO excited to finally share it with all of you.  Recently, our little agency has taken on the project of opening a recovery engagement center where people can come and meet with a recovery coach to plan their recovery from substance use! We received a very generous grant to help us open this facility and so our work began. We found the perfect building to purchase and renovate, and now that all of our work is done and Pathways Recovery Engagement Center is open I want to share it with all of you.  My role in this project was doing the interior design work! Phew! What a project… major props to Joanna Gaines who does this every day.

So here is what we started with… a building in desperate need of some demolition  and some love!


Seriously though… blue bathroom? No thanks! IMG_8086.JPGIMG_1931So, after a good amount of demolition, ripping up floors, knocking down walls, rebuilding, and LOTS of shopping we have this!! IMG_8213IMG_8212IMG_8208IMG_8203IMG_8205IMG_8206IMG_8207IMG_8210IMG_8209IMG_8214Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little peek into my very big project! It was so much fun and such a learning experience for me. Have a great weekend!

xo- Liv

Room Details:

Wall Hangings – Hobby Lobby | Side Tables – Hobby Lobby | Cabinets – Classic Cabinets |Trim/Wainscotting Paint – Pale Oak – Benjamin Moore| Wall paint – Perfect Greige – Sherwin Williams | Furniture – Art Van Perry Collection | Dining Table and Chairs – Custom by Awesome Finds | Tan pillows – Pottery Barn | Green Pillows – Arhaus Furniture | Plants – Lowes (they have a great selection of hard to kill indoor plants!!) | Shelf under TV – Meijer ( also available on Amazon, such a great find!!) | Book Shelf – Amazon |

Bedroom Reveal

DSC_0002DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0233DSC_0025 (1)All of you were so sweet when I did my first home decor post about my loft that I wanted to share my bedroom decor with you! So, as you all know, I do not own my loft, I rent it! Renting can be both a blessing and a curse. My loft was move in ready, it just needed some homey touches to make it perfect! Lucky for me, my furniture and style fit PERFECTLY with the style already in the bones of this building. I’m really thinking about never moving out because of that exposed brick… so in love. As most of you saw in my loft reveal post, I went with lots of metallics, furs, and industrial glam pieces, my bedroom kind of continues that theme. Interior design is not my strength, but with my Mom’s help, I was able to make my vision for this space a reality.

When renting a space it can be super hard for you to make the space your own.  I suggest that you come up with a vision of what you’d like and go from there.  Don’t feel pressured to make everything look perfect right away, I’ve lived here since February and I’m still finding things to make the space look “just right.” I also highly recommend investing in some nice lamps no matter what your space looks like! Lamps give a much warmer glow than overhead lighting and really make a space feel more cozy!

As usual you can find all of my room details below.  I hope y’all have a great FRIDAY and stay tuned for some super fun details of my weekend adventures. XO – Liv

Duvet Cover and Shams – Crane and Canopy | Gold Pillows – my Mom sewed these for me with fabric from Hobby Lobby | Fur Pillow – Pottery Barn |Silver Sequined Pillows – Hobby Lobby | Bed Frame – Art Van Furniture (old) similar here| Dresser – snatched this cutie from my parent’s house and gave it a makeover | Dresser Lamps – Restoration Hardware (old) | Gold Circle Tray – Hobby Lobby similar here|


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